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Semantic Application Middleware

What is Open Anzo?

Open Anzo is an open source fork (August 2007) of Boca and other components from the IBM Semantic Layered Research Platform. The word Anzo means "four" in the Alladian language and was chosen because this project will mark the fourth major evolution of the codebase.

How is Anzo licensed?

The code from which Open Anzo is derived was first licensed as open source under the Ecplise Public License 1.0. The Anzo project will continue to use this license for all future contributions. A useful Eclipse license FAQ is available.

Can I contribute to the Open Anzo project?

Yes certainly. You may submit code patches, report bugs and help out with documentation or graphics, subject to committer approval. Prior to submitting any code you will need to complete the appropriate contributor license agreement and file it with OpenAnzo.org.

Where can I get the code?

Either download a tarball or use anonymous Subversion command:
svn co http://svn.openanzo.org/svn/openanzo/trunk

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