The Open Anzo Project

Semantic Application Middleware


Open Anzo components are also available to Maven 2 developers from our MavenRepositories.

Openanzo 3.0 Snapshots

.tar.gz .zip
Open Anzo Full Disbribution openanzo-3.0-SNAPSHOT-dist.tar.gz
Open Anzo Client openanzo-3.0-SNAPSHOT-client.tar.gz
Open Anzo Source openanzo-3.0-SNAPSHOT-src.tar.gz

Open Anzo 2.5.1

.tar.gz .zip
Open Anzo Full Disbribution openanzo-2.5.1-dist.tar.gz
Open Anzo Client openanzo-2.5.1-client.tar.gz
Open Anzo Jena Client openanzo-2.5.1-client-jena.tar.gz
Open Anzo Source openanzo-2.5.1-src.tar.gz

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